In session 2016 – 2017 there are 141 pupils in the school. These are made up of 35 Gaelic Medium pupils and 106 English Medium pupils.There are also 10 pupils in the Gaelic Nursery and 18 in the English Nursery.

This year, the school has 7 full-time equivalent members of staff. We have two Support for Learning teachers who have each have 1.5 days in our school. Through the Youth Music Initiative, music instructors provide tuition for pupils wishing to learn how to play an instrument.  We also have a chanter instructor who visits each Wednesday.
The school has a number of assistants/auxiliary staff.Their duties vary from one-to-one support to full class and school support. The school has the services of a full time and part-time Facilities Manager under the Management Facilities Agreement for the school. Sgoil an Rubha also has the services of a School Assistant.

Full Time Teaching Staff


Head Teacher
Mrs Kathleen Macleod
 P1 Class Teacher
Mrs Sara-Anne MacQueen 
GMU 1-3
Mrs Donna Munro-Macleod  
P2/3 Class Teacher
Mrs Claire Devine
 Sara Anne2  DonnaMM2  Claire2
P4/5 Class Teacher
Principal Teacher
Mrs Anne Macphail
P5/6 Class Teacher
Mrs Ellis Macleod
P7 Class Teacher
Mrs Anna Mackay
 Anne2 Ellis2    Anna2
GMU 4-7
(Job Share)
Mrs Dolina Macleod
GMU 4-7
(Job Share)
Mrs Joanne Macleod

RCCT and PT Cover

Miss Shirley Clinton

 DolinaMary2  Joanne2 Shirley2 


School Auxiliaries

Mrs Christina Maciver
Mrs Christine Cumming Mrs Donna Macaskill Mrs Isobel Macdonald
Christine2   DonnaMacaskill2  Isobel2
Mrs Donlina Swanson Ms Ruth Maciver Mrs Sarah Marnoch Mrs Marlene Horne
 Dolina2  Ruth2 Sarah2  Marlene2 


Part time & Specialist Staff

Full Time
School Assistant
Mrs Janette Morgan
Support for Learning
Mrs Anne Macphail
Support for Learning
Mrs Anne Macpherson
P1/2 Jobshare
Mrs Maggi Doig 
 AnneSfl2  AnnMcP2 Maggi2 


Music Instructors

YMI Instructor
Mr G Woods
YMI Instructor
Mr D Maclennan
YMI Instructor
Mrs C Fish

Gaelic Music Instructor
Mr F Smith 
Chanter Instructor 
Ms A Murray

Nursery Staff 

Croileagan Staff

Mrs Linda Nicolson, Ms Rebecca Crichton
& Ms Nadine Murray
Mrs Donella Macdonald and Mrs Janice Macleod
Nursery Croileagan 


Mrs Margaret Maclean Mr Willie Macdonald