House System

House System

The school house system was introduced in September 2015. Pupils and staff were consulted and agreed on four houses:

       Eagles/Na h-Iolairean      

House Boards Herons/Na Corra Ghrithich
     Puffins/Na Buthaidean



All pupils and staff are allocated a house, with siblings being allocated the same house. Pupils work very hard and are rewarded with house points. On a fortnightly basis the points are collated and the winning house is rewarded with a special prize e.g. additional playtime, additional golden time etc. Each house has a Captain and Vice Captain from P7 who meet regularly with the Headteacher to take on leadership roles within the school and continue to promote the school motto and values. The school values and house system underpins positive behaviour that is promoted across the school. All staff and pupils wear coloured badges to represent their house.


2016/17 House Captains and Vice Captains