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Croileagan Children with Staff Nursery Children with Staff
 mrs devine  p1   mrs mitchell
Primary 1 with Mrs Devine  Primary 2 with Mrs Mitchell
  mrs davys  mrs munro-macleod  gmu1-3
 Primary 3 with Miss Davys  GMU 1-3 with Mrs Munro-Macleod
mrs macphail mrs macleod
 Primary 4 with Mrs Macphail GMU 5-7 with Mrs Macleod
mrs macleod p5  
 Primary 5 with Mrs Macleod  Primary 6 with Mrs Macleod
miss clinton
 Primary 7 with Miss Clinton

GMU P1 - 3

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A' dèanamh spòrs le Miss Ross a bha còmhla leinn anns am Faoilleach airson mìos.


Ag obair air am proiseact mu dheidhinn na planaidean agus na rionnagan.


Ag ionnsachadh cho cudthromach sa tha e a bhi ag ithe measan agus glasraich airson a' cumail fallain.

Dh'feuch sinn rudan nach do chord rinn cuideachd!


Bha sinn ag obair air pròbadh anna saidheans. Chòrd am probadh seo ris a h-uile duine.

Tha sinn air a bhi a' dèanamh sgrìobhadh agus ealain ceangailte ris am proiseact againn cuideachd.

GMU P5 - 7

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na h-Èipheitich

gmu5-7 1

Saidheans – rinn sinn pròiseact air na h-Èipheitich agus chleachd sinn ubhlan airson na ‘mummies’ againn fhìn a dhèanamh.

Bha againn ri cuideam gach pìos a thomhais agus a chlàradh aig an toiseach agus aig an deireadh.


Na Apple Mummies againn aig an toiseach.

Agus Na 'Apple Mummies' aig an deireadh.

Na h-aghaidhean coimheach 'Tutankhamun' a rinn sinn.

gmu5-7 5 gmu5-7 8

A' reic cèicean airson 'Clann an an Eis'

Buidhean dràma 'Meanbh-chuileag' ag innse dhuinn
an sgeulachd 'MacCodruim nan Ròn'

Ag ionnsachadh 'Judo'

A' feuchainn lit airson MacTv

na foileagan

Mar dheasachadh airson an taisbeanadh mu latha nam foileag a bha iad a' dol a chur air dòigh airson Assembly, rinn GMU 4-7 na foileagan aca fhèin. Thug a h-uile duine a-steach rudeigin airson seo a choileanadh agus thàinig iad uile còmhla ri chèile mar aon airson oidhirp sgoinneil a dhèanamh. Bha na foileagan cho blasda sa ghabhadh, agus bha deagh fealla-dha aig a h-uile duine . Seall air na dealbhan a tha a' dearbhadh seo!!!

In preparation for their recent Assembly about the origins of Pancake Day, GMU 4-7 made their own pancakes. Everyone contributed ingredients so it was a real team effort! The results were delicious and great fun was had by all on baking day. Here are some photos to prove it!!
gmu5-7 9 gmu5-7 12
Abair fèisd!! 
What a feast!!
Ag ullachadh measan fallain airson
ithe lena foileagan againn.
Preparing some healthy fruit to enjoy
withour home made pancakes.
Anna a' coimhead air adhart ri foileag
Anna looking forward to her tasty
A bheil thu ag iarraidh foileag leis
an 'Nutella'?
Would you like some pancake with
your Nutella?


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P1 love their new school and can't wait to get into class every morning!

P1 Art

The pupils in P1 really enjoy having Art with Mr Iain Smith.
Here they are learning more about cutting different shapes and constructing designs.

P1 Maths

P1 have been busy finding out all about 2D shapes and enjoyed making shape patterns and pictures.
Fynn and Ellen made a fantastic castle.

 Fraser and John enjoyed making rockets and trucks.

 Eve, Erin, Peyton and Beth were busy colouring, cutting and sorting shapes.


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Primary 2

Primary 2 and Mrs Mitchell class

Primary 2 and Mrs Mitchell class.

Christmas 2011

P2 Winter Art work Xmas Concert 2011

P2 Winter Art.

Christmas Concert 2011.

Fun Activities

Playing outside Judo

Playing outside.

Having fun at Judo.

Chinese New Year

Learning about Chinese New Year

We learned about the Chinese New Year.


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Rainforest Project

This term Primary Three's topic is the Rainforest. We have been doing lots of fun activities including exploring how rainforest animals move, going on a mini beast hunt and turning the classroom into a rainforest.

primary 3 rainforests

primary 3 rainforests


In Mathematics we have been learning about coordinates and compass points. To help us we have been taking part in classroom activities. We used the Smart board to plot coordinates to find the treasure, we played four in a row and we helped the Explorer find his way out of the jungle.

primary 3 maths

primary 3 maths primary 3 maths


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All pupils in Primary Four have been given a Pen Pal from Istituto Comprehensivo, Firenze. We have all written letters and have received ones back. Pupils in P4 are learning about Italy and its culture while their pen pals learn about Western Isles and Scotland. It is a great opportunity for the pupils to learn from one another as well.

Primary Four read Flat Stanley and created their own flat characters. They have sent their characters and journals to Italy for their Pen pals to record what exciting adventures they got up to.

Primary Four with their Italian wall display, journals and letters

Mathew with his letter from his pen pal Edoardo

Naomi with her letter from her pen pal Sophia  Murray proudly showing of his letter from Orlando


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Lews Castle Visit

As part of the class Western Isles topic pupils visited the Lews Castle early in February and were given a guided tour of the building, including an interesting trip to the dungeons and some impromptu dancing in the Ballroom!

Click HERE to see more photos of the P5 visit to the Lews Castle

Archivists Visit

Pupils spent an interesting morning with archivists from the Library Service who led workshops on old Stornoway, how to learn more about history through everyday things in the home and finding out about life in Point Schools around 100 years ago through examining old school logbooks.  This was a fascinating experience and really brought history to life for pupils.  


Successful Spellers

Every week pupils who have achieved 10 weeks in a row with full marks in their spelling tests get the chance to be teacher for the week.  This is the P5 Spelling Home of Fame to date ....



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Space Topic

Primary 6 pupils have carried out lots of cross-curricular activities linked to their space topic. A few of our favourites have been:

Crazy Constellations and Star Myths

P6 pupils, along with GMU P6 and 7, also learned about different constellations in the sky before writing myths for their own imaginary constellations.

primary 3 rainforests

primary 6 Space Topic

primary 6 Space Topic

primary 6 Space Topic

Before finishing off with a candle lit story telling session.

primary 6 Space Topic

primary 6 Space Topic

Moon Landing News Reports

Pupils were given the task of researching the facts behind the first moon landing in small groups. Within these groups pupils then decided who would be the director, camera man and news reader. Pupils worked together to produce scripts and visuals to produce their own news reports. It was great fun!

primary 6 Moon ~Landing

primary 6 Moon Landingprimary 6 Moon Landingprimary 6 Moon Landing

primary 6 Moon Landing

See some video footage of our Moon Landing News Reports





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