Welcome to the Nursery Page

At Sgoil an Rubha nursery pupils arrive each morning and have some free play, they have registration and complete their weatherboard.  Later they wash their hands before having a tasty snack.  Then it's time for toothbrushing.  At about 10.30am the children do some physical activity in the gym or outdoors (depending on what the weatherboard says!).  They then have some structured activities and then it's time to tidy up.  Before lunch everybody gets together for stories, songs and circletime before it's time to eat lunch and wave goodbye for the day.  As you can see, it's a busy job being a nursery pupil here.

Sgoil an Rubha Open Day

An Open Day for parents of Pre-School Children will be held in Sgoil an Rubha on Friday 29 January. This will enable parents to see around the school and to ask questions that they may have prior to enrolment in February.

Sessions :  9.30am & 12.00pm

Enrolment 2016 

(open link for instructions)

Enrolment Dates & Times are as follows: 

Monday 1 Feb, Wednesday 3 Feb & Friday 5 Feb 12.00-1.00pm

Tuesday 2 Feb & Thursday 4 Feb 2.00-3.00pm