Mrs Devine & P2/3

This Term for our Social Studies topic we have been investigating what life was like back in Granny’s day. We brought in photos, books, toys and other things that Granny had or used when she was younger.


James brought in his Granny’s old radio which still works and we enjoyed trying to find a radio station to listen to. James told us his Granny remembers listening to the radio broadcast of the first man walking on the moon way back in 1969! James also brought in his Granny’s old iron and could tell us how Granny used to put it on the fire/stove to heat it up before ironing the clothes.   
Lucas brought in some old records (‘45s’) that his Granny enjoyed listening to when she was younger. Mrs Devine brought in her record player and we listened to the singles and some old LPs too. 
We have enjoyed reading Katie Morag stories too this term and made a frieze of the ‘Katie Morag and the two Grandmothers’ story.



Connor has been sharing his weekend news stories with us and we really enjoy hearing and seeing what he’s been getting up to with his family at the weekend.