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Recently we held a vote for House Captains. In our houses the P7s got the chance to come forward and apply for the roles. The houses got to vote for the person the thought was the best to run the house. The person who got the second most number of votes would become the vice.

For the Herons the captain is Hannah Maclean and the Vice is Euan Macdonald.For the Puffins the Captain is Caitlin Morrison and the Vice is Natasha Macdonald for the Eagles to Captain is Caitlin Macphail and the Vice is Gregor Moffat, And finally, for the Oyster Catchers The Captain is A.J. Graham and the vice is William Langhorne there will be a re- election in January for everyone who wants to do it and the current house captains will also be allowed to participate in the election.

Well done to the captains who won and GOOD LUCK!