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Sumdog Western Isles Competition

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 Pupils of Sgoil an Rubha recently took part in a Western Isles Sumdog Competition.  Each pupil had one week to answer 1000 mental maths questions.  We got 3rd place in the competition.  We were delighted to find that seven out of the top ten pupils in the competition were pupils from Sgoil an Rubha: Liam (P5), Kirsty (P6), Ailsa (GMU7), Sian (P6), Cailean (P5), Danielle (P7) and Nathan (P7).  Well done to them and all who took part.

Who was involved?

All the schools in the Western Isles were invited to join the Sumdog Maths Competition.  The schools that took part were Sgoil an Rubha, Stornoway Primary, Sgoil Bhreascleit, Eoligarry Primary School, Sir E Scott School and Castlebay School.

This is not our first time entering a Sumdog Competition.  On the 13th of September we played against 21 schools from around the country and came 2nd. Also, the following week we played against 47 schools in a UK contest and we gained 3rd place.

What is Sumdog?

Sumdog is a fun-filled, action- packed online website.  On Sumdog children can play fun maths games to help get their brains going.  You can play against a computer or other people in your class.  While we are playing, our teacher can see how well we are doing when she logs into Sumdog.  You can even play Sumdog at home on your own computer. The children of Sgoil an Rubha love Sumdog and are always eager to play!  Sumdog can be found at

Why do we love Sumdog?

We love 'Sumdog' because of its great games. Our favourites are: Junk Pile, Dress Down, Talent Show and Tower Climber. We get ranks of animals such as brown rat, chimpanzee, narwhal and many more. Thumbs up for 'Sumdog'!!!

Posted by:  Maddy, Louise, Kirsty C, Danielle, Jessica and Kirsten (P7)


PC Ross & Ollie

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Last Friday, PC Ross visited our school with Ollie the Collie to give a talk to the pupils.  PC Ross is a Dog Handler with Northern Constabulary and is based here in Stornoway. He spoke to children about the work he and Ollie are involved in.  Ollie is trained in drugs and firearms detection as well as the traacking of missing persons. Following the talk, PC Ross and Ollie carried out a demonstration in drugs detection in the school courtyard.  The talk was very informative and the children had a whole host of questions.  And not surprisingly, Ollie the Collie won the hearts of many children in Sgoil an Rubha! 


A New School Year

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A belated 'Welcome Back' to all staff and pupils.  We've been very busy getting back into the swing of things.  Teachers are getting to know new pupils and pupils are getting to know teachers and new friends.  There are a number of changes this session: composite classes, setting for maths (P4-7), new arrangements for Music and PE and additional parent meetings.

P1 pupils have just finished their first week of full days, supported by their buddies from P7, and are all settling in well. 

This term, we areundertaking a whole school cross-curricular project on 'The Environment'.  Each class will focus on a different aspect of the environment and we hope to share our work with parents towards the end of term 2.

Over the next couple of weeks, the website will be 'freshened up' with new class photos and pupil work.  Last year's photos have already been archived under the Achievements section and will be available to view for years to come.

Pupils in P7 are getting to grips with blogging and will be responsible for posting updates here throughout the year.

Please sign the guestbook and tell us what you think of the site.  We are open to suggestions for improvement.


Rural Sports

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Sgoil an Rubha's rural sports team did a fantastic job representing the school on Monday.  A group of pupils attended the sports and competed in 100m, 200m, 800m, shot putt, long jump and relay.  We are very proud of the fact that they got 2nd place in their category - schools with 51 or more pupils.  The team - Sian, Isla (P5), Isla (P7), Lia, Jenna, Cameron, Nathan, Daniel, Euan, Matthew. Photos of the team to follow.  


Olympic Visit

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On Monday morning, following the Olympic Torch Relay in Stornoway, John Neil Mitchell visited Sgoil an Rubha to show all the children the torch and to speak to them about his experience as a torch bearer.  All pupils in the school, many of whom were very tired after their early start, gathered in front of the school to have their photo taken with John.  See photo below.