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Jubilee Fun

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On the 4th of June, P4 celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with an assembly telling us all about it.  We also celebrated by wearing formal red, white and blue clothing.  Afterwards we were given crisps, juice and ice-cream while the parents had a tea party.  More photos on our GALLERIES page.

By Aisling P7


Challenger 4 Bus!

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From Tuesday 29th May till Friday 1st June, the PWAMM (People with a Mission Ministries) team were in Point with their new Challenger 4 bus. There was a session for primary-aged children and there was a session for youth. We did a range of activities, such as a famous game known from the Challenger Bus, 'Choose Your Fish'. There was also crafts time which was well enjoyed.

As well as the four days with all the activities, on Saturday the 2nd, there was a day full of fun, games and activities. Some of those games were the Bucket of Goo, The Web of Doom and The Electric Poles. All the children there were put into four teams - two of them were called The Four Points and The Challengers.

Later, on Saturday afternoon, there was a prize-giving at Ionad Stoodie to all the children that attended the Challenger Bus. As well as all the children coming, the parents came too.

by Shannah P7


Local Mod

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Ceilidh Band

On Tuesday 28th of May the ceilidh band from Sgoil an Rubha competed at the Mòd against four others and came out first, which was very good since we are in a new school. We didn’t think we would win but when we heard, we were really happy and pleased. We did lots of practise, two or three times a week - it was hard work but we managed. There were nine people in the Ceilidh Band, Ailsa Sine, Rebecca, Kirsten, Emma, Coinneach and Caitlin were playing the fiddle, Daniel was playing the guitar, Jessica was playing the keyboard, and Louise was playing the Melodeon.


On Wednesday the 29th of May GMU 5-7 did a playlet at An Lanntair. We did our play second, after Stornaway primary 5-7 and then some of us had to run off to Martin’s Memorial for our poems. After came back just in time to find out that we had won, and we all started screaming when the judge said will Sgoil an Rubha come up for their trophy.  We just couldn’t believe it. After the play we went for delicious ice cream in The Coffee Pot and we got interviewed for Aileag a BBC radio programme. It was an amazing day for us because, two days in a row, we had won something for our school. Our play was called ‘Isean san ugh’.


Air Diciadain an 29mh den Ceitean, chaidh an chlas 5-7 gu An Lanntair ri dheanamh an dealbh-chluiche againn. Chaidh sinn air as deidh Sgoil Steornabhagh.  As deidh an dealbh cluich chaidh Ailsa Sine , Allison, Kirsty agus Laura ri dheanamh bàrdachd ann an Martins Memorial.  As deidh sin, chaidh air ais gan An Lanntair agus fhuair sinn a-mach gun do bhuannaich sinn agus rinn sinn agallamh airson aileag.  An uair sin chaidh sinn airson reòiteag anns an ‘coffee pot’ agus bha iad math. 'S e 'Isean san ugh' an t-ainm a bha air an dealbh-chluiche againn .

Cailean MacLeod got first in his solo

Rebecca Fairgrieve got first in her solo

Alice Macmillian got first in her solo and her poem and she got a first for Gaelic Fluency

Allison Mackay got second in her accordion competition


Fun Evening

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The school Fun Evening was held on Friday the 25th of May.  There was a bouncy castle, plants, bbq and much, much more.  My favourite part was the bottle stall because I help set up the table but I won a lot of stuff.

By Gary P7


P7 Go To Craggan

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On the 14th of May we went on a school trip to Craggan Outdoor Centre. We did Raft Building, Archery and High Ropes. On the High Ropes we did Jacob’s Ladder and Leap of Faith. They were both really fun but scary at the same time. We had our lunch made for us on the Tuesday. On Wednesday we had to go but they made sandwiches for our tea on the ferry and we went to The Mustard Seed for lunch. The food was really nice and we all got ice cream afterwards. We also went to Eastgate shopping centre which was really good! We all really enjoyed the trip and would definitely go again!