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Non-School Uniform on Thursday

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Pupils do not have to wear school uniform on Thursday 3rd May.  Pupils can come to school in an outfit of their choice.


P4 Italy Project!

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We have gone to the P4 class and interviewed some P4 pupils and asked them about their project! They have all made their own flat themselves and have linked up with an Italian school and every so often they get letter from them. We were very interested with what they had to say, Will you?

Do you enjoy this project?

Naomi- I enjoy it because it’s interesting

Jamie- Yes, because I like learning about the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Do you find it hard to write a letter?

Naomi- Sometimes, but I find my pen pal awesome!

Jamie-Not really, because I don’t have to write that much.

Karen- No, because there’s loads to talk about!

How often do you send letters to them?

Naomi- About once every two months, I always look forward to her letters.                

Jamie- Every month or two.

Karen- We’ve sent two so far and we’ll be sending one again soon.

What sort of food do they eat?

All - Pizza, ice-cream, spaghetti carbonara, sweets, ravioli, wine, olives, pasta.

Would you like to visit Italy one day?

Naomi- I would love to because it’s very hot!

Jamie, yes, because I would like to eat loads of pizza and see the landmarks.

Karen, Definitely, because they’ve got amazing food!

Sounds very interesting! Overall it sounds like a great project. We will update the blog if anything else happens.

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and will come back again soon!

By Kathryn M.   Isla M.   Holly B.   James M.

P5 Lews Castle Trip

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P5 went on a trip to the Lews Castle and we interviewed Scott, Aaron and Rebecca on their experiences in the castle.

What was the purpose of your trip to the castle?

We went to the castle as part of our project on the Western Isles. The castle is being renovated just now. It will be turned into a hotel and museum.

Who showed you round the castle?

Mrs Macleod’s husband showed us round.

What was your favourite part?

The dungeons were my favourite part.

What were the dungeons like?

Pitch black and every one was screaming.

Was anybody scared?

Yes, everyone was scared. People were also really terrified when we were upstairs and we had to jump to test if the floor would collapse.

Were there any fascinating features?

No there wasn’t much.Just some red paint which people said was blood! There was also some original metal left from when chandeliers hung in the ballroom.

What was the best room?

The big room in the middle was the best one. I think it was the ballroom.

Was it smelly?

It smelt damp.

Were there any mice or rats?

I didn’t see any of them if they were there.

So all in all the castle had no hidden surprises…no blood, no rats…it just smelt damp and was very old with no Xbox. We asked them if they would go back again. “Yes, definitely” is what Scott and Rebecca said. Aaron was not so sure that he would repeat the experience.

By Lia, Lauren, Eliot and Matthew


Sports Festival

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Over the past few months many pupils from Primary 5-7 have taken part in a number of Sports Festival competitions organised by the Lewis and Harris Sports Council. Some of these competitions have included:

Outdoor Football – This was one of the first competitions where we played as Sgoil an Rubha. The A team, which include, Euan, Cameron, James, Lia, Georgia, Daniel, Matthew and Domhnall Ailig, did extremely well by winning all four games in their group.Unfortunately they lost 1-0 to Back School in the semi-finals.

Uni-hoc – The B-team did very well to get to the finals night but unfortunately lost to Tolsta Mini-Giants and Stornoway Primary meaning they were knocked out of the competition.

Rowing - We had one team entered in this competition. All the team players enjoyed the event.

Sports Hall Athletics – The Sports hall Athletics team did extremely well to get 2nd place in the whole competition. They all got medals.

There have also been other football and rugby competitions this year.

By Caitlin,Fiona, Daniel and Curtis P7Touch Rugby Tournament