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Oscar Fish Wins!

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Oscar Fish in Primary 6 won a musical compitition run by Young Musicians, he won the singing section by singing a song called That Younge Child. He was up against a pianist, a person that plays brass and someone that played a woodwind instrument.


Royal Rockstars

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On Monday 28th September two members of the band Royal Foundlings came to our school. They taught us five songs that we didn't know and two songs that we did know. The songs that we didn't know were called, I'm So Glad, Hey Hey I'm Okay!, Lets All Be Friends, Bullies Ain't Big and Never Give Up. The two songs that we did know were, What Makes You Beautiful and Price Tag. In each song there was a message to teach us something, like in Lets All Be Friends it was telling us that if we fall out with our friend swe should just forget it.

Overall I think everyone enjoyed it!


Julia Donaldson Visit

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On Monday 4th of November the children's book writer, Julia Donaldson came to our school, with her husband, Malcolm Donaldson. She was telling us about all her stories, she said she had written about 180 books. They both acted out some of there stories, including The Gruffalo which at the same time was being read in Gaelic by a local named Norman.

Later on that day P2/3 went into the hall to do a workshop with Julia and Malcolm. In the workshop they were doing some acting and they enjoyed it very much.


Blogging Buddies

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P7 have recently been put in charge of this blog.  Each week, 4 pupils from our class will be updating the blog with fresh news.  This week the Blog Buddies are Scott, Aaron, Dylan and Kirsty. So keep on looking at this page for fresh information about Sgoil an Rubha.


Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

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What a term it's been so far.  The pupils of Sgoil an Rubha have been engaged in so many different activities.  Where to begin.....

Annual Fun Evening

This was run by the Parent Council for the first time and what a success it was.  A handsome sum was raised and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the night.  Pupils from P4/5 and P6/7 were responsible for their own stalls and parents/community members turned out in good numbers to buy plants and recipe books from these two classes.  A lot of hard work went into it so well done to all involved.  A big thank you to the community but also to the members of the Parent Council who made the whole evening possible.

Primary 3/4

This class has been involved int he Roots of Empathy Programme throughout the year.  More information can be found HERE.  This week saw the children celebrate the success of the programme with a big party.  Baby Matthew came along, cake was eaten and gifts were exchanged.  There has been a very positive response from staff, children and parents with regards to Roots of Empathy.

Primary 5

Primary 5 have had the opportunity to complete the Jumpstart Programme where they learned all about how food and exercise affects the body.  They enjoyed participating in a range of activities and games which helped them understand how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Primary 6 and 7

Primary 6 and 7 have completed their Bikeability Cycle Training with Claire Scott.  They will have a visit from the police in the next couple of weeks and will be assessed on their ability to cycle safely.

P6 have been involved in the Scottish Rugby Programme to promote healthy eating and physical activity.  They had active sessions as well as follow up work to complete in the form of a booklet with a variety of activities.

P7 are now qualified Young Leaders.  Following a 6 week course, they planned and organised activities for younger pupils.  They showed how they could be responsible citizens by keeping younger pupils entertained, active and safe.

The Local Mod

Many, many pupils from Sgoil and Rubha were involved in the Mod and it's not possible to mention them all here.  However, they all worked very hard and performed well in their competitions.  Each and every pupil who took part should be enormously proud of themselves.  Please keep a look out in the next newsletter for our list of winners.


P7 are currently on their two induction days to the Nicolson.  They had a visit from Ms McKim in preparation for this and they were all very much looking forward to all the exciting and new experiences that this move will bring.  We hope they have a fantastic time but lok forward to having them back for a couple of weeks of fun and games before they head off for the last time.

There are a number of events upcoming over the next couple of weeks - Fairburn Trip, Rural Sports, Nursery Gradation, Charlie Nicolson Cup, Prizegiving and more.....

Please check the CALENDAR for more information on times and dates for these events. There will be more information about all these events in the end of term newsletter.