Home Learning

Top Tips for Successful Home Learning

Make sure you know what to do: When your teacher sets you homework, if you're confused, make sure you ask questions!

Do the tough stuff first: Try doing the difficult work first so you won't have to do the hardest bits when you've been working for a while and are tired.

Turn off the TV: Stay away from the TV because it will only distract you and if you've always got one eye on it, homework time will last double as long.

Make sure you have everything you need: You'll only waste time getting up and down if you haven't got pencils, paper, rubbers etc. Collect all the stationery you need before you start your work.

Call your friends for help: It might be useful to talk to your friends about things you don't understand, but try not to drift into other topics of conversation. Agree to only discuss homework and then agree to speak after you have both finished your work that evening.

Try not to get frustrated: If you're finding homework very difficult, take a break. Have a drink or something to eat and maybe ask your parents for some help.

Don't stay up late working: Try to start your homework soon after you get home and have the rest of the evening free to relax. If you have a test, try to get an early night, it will probably be better for your performance than staying up all night revising.

Here are some of the websites you may be asked to use to complete homework tasks.


GLOW Scotland is the online learning community for Scottish schools.  It is a  trusted and safe environment for pupils, teachers and parents.  Through GLOW, pupils have access to their web-based e-mail account as well as a wealth of other resources. provides fun educational games in the form of online activities for children.
Interactive learning resources cover the core subjects of Literacy, Maths, Science, French.
Children should all have their own login details.
Alta Maths for Schools is a complete, web-based, formative assessment system. It is designed for primary and post primary schools, with content specifically designed for Scotland's Curriculum for Excellence.
Pupils should have their own login details for use at home and in school.
On Sumdog, students learn maths by playing short games against classmates. Students work hard to earns coins to buy gear for their avatar. is a free games-based maths teaching resource.  Pupils can be set challenges with the aim of achieving a bronze, silver or gold medal.  Pupils can also enter challenges where they compete against othere schools around the world.
Pupils in P7 have their login details for use at home and in school.